Stiegler's Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station (SGHPS), is a planned 2,100 megawatts (2,800,000 hp) hydroelectric dam in Tanzania. The power station is expected to produce 5,920GWh of power annually. The government of Tanzania has been considering establishing this power station since the 1960s. When fully developed, it will be the largest power station in Tanzania. The 134 metres (440 ft) arched, concrete dam is expected to create a reservoir lake, 100 kilometres (62 mi), in length, measuring 1,200 square kilometres (460 sq mi), with 34,000,000,000 cubic metres (1.2×1012 cu ft) of water.
In August 2017, the Tanzanian government advertised for bids to construct this dam. The selected contractor is expected to complete the dam in no more than 36 months.The power generated will be evacuated via a new 400kV high voltage power line to a substantiation where the power will be integrated into the national electricity grid.The government of Ethiopia is advising the Tanzanian government on the implementation of this project.(See Advertisement In Picture Below For More details in  Swahili)